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General Information

Do you buy comic collections, graphic novels, and manga?

Yes, we do. We offer cash or store credit for most items. However, what we buy is dependent on a few factors including the condition, demand for, and our current stock of the items.

If you have books you want to sell, please contact us by email or phone before bringing them into the shop.

Do you buy toys or other collectibles?

Generally, no. However, we will consider most offers.

If you have toys or collectibles you want to sell, please contact us by email or phone before bringing them into the shop.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, we do! 13th Verse Comics gift cards can be purchased in any amount, they never expire or depreciate, and can be used for anything in our physical or online stores.

Do you do appraisals, valuations, or grading?

No, we do not. However, we are able to submit your books to CBCS for professional grading and preservation. Check out the list of services we provide for more information.

Do you accept returns?

No, we do not. Due to the collectible and condition sensitive nature of the products we sell, we are not able to accept returns.

Online Store Info

Can I pay for my order online?

Our online store was designed to give our local customers access to our warehoused stock that won’t fit in our physical store. With that in mind, most payments are made at our physical store when you pick up your order.

While we don’t take payments directly on our website, we can process online payments separately through Venmo, PayPal or Square invoicing for mail order customers.

Can I have my order shipped?

Yes, you can. While our online store is designed primarily for local pick-up customers, we are more than happy to ship orders outside of the Greater Rochester Area. We ship all packages via USPS Priority Mail.

Do you ship to APO or FPO addresses?

No, not yet.

Do you ship outside the US?

No, not yet.

Do the cover images on the website show the condition of the product I’ll receive?

No. Covers provided are stock images and do not represent the condition of the actual books. Most cover art is provided by the publishers and as such can vary slightly from the final product.

Pull List Info

What is a pull list?

Simply put, a pull list is an ongoing subscription to a comic, graphic novel, or manga series.

When you add a title to your pull list, you will receive each new issue or volume of that series until you cancel it.

Why start a pull list?

The number one reason to start a pull list is so you don’t miss out on the comics you love. Some titles sell out very fast (especially when a mass media outlet covers them). However, when you have a pull list, the titles you select are set aside and held for you.

The second reason… Discounts! All pull list orders receive a standard discount and every month we offer additional exclusive deals and discounts to our pull list customers.

How often do I have to pick up my books?

Pull list orders must be picked up a minimum of once per month. Orders not picked up within one month will not receive a discount. Larger accounts may be required to pick up more frequently.

Do I have to pre-pay?

In most cases, no. Established customers pay for their books when they pick them up in the store.

New accounts may be required to temporarily pre-pay and any accounts not in good standing will be required to pre-pay.

How do I make changes to my pull list?

Our preferred method of making pull list changes is email. If you want to add or remove anything from your list, simply send us an email with the changes.

When will changes to my pull list take effect?

Changes to your pull list are typically reflected in the following week’s fulfillment of orders. However, when adding a title to your pull list, immediate fulfillment will be based on availability.